About Why Customer Service Sucks

Salena M. Alston is a self-proclaimed customer service connoisseur. She has been working in and enjoying customer service for 16 years and prides herself in knowing what it takes to satisfy customers time and time again. She loves the satisfaction that comes with making her customers happy.

Why Customer Service Sucks is a blog in which Salena will share her own customer service stories; good, bad and excellent. It is my hope that you will be able to relate with my experiences and gain knowledge on how to handle each situation should they arise for you.

I will reach into my years of customer service training and help each of us become better customer service representatives and managers so that we can do what we ultimately set out to do… keep customers coming back, thus bringing in more sales and raising profits.

I will also give insight on how we as customers can help facilitate the good customer service that we all deserve.

In addition to reading my customer service stories, I invite you to share yours. So, come in, sit a while, and let’s talk about why customer service sucks.

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